Track Club

February 26th - March 19th 2021

Unfolding is a truly global collaborative cycle for active participants and curious spectators alike, reflecting the depth and breadth of musical creativity and community on Endlesss.

The very first Unfolding cycle kicked off on February 26th, 2021 with a livestreamed, tag-team jam on the Endlesss Twitch by members of the Track Club community on Endlesss – our resident curators for this cycle.

Following this 100% improvised jam – featuring Afta8, Littlewing, Firephly, Ludi, OddStar, Theau, TPJ and Elling – all stems were made available for Endlesss users to take apart, rebuild and remix as their own productions, which were then submitted to and voted on by the Endlesss Discord

This culminated in an official release on the Endlesss Traxxx label on March 19th, 2021, featuring five remixes from the producers whose submissions received the highest number of votes. 

Unfolding is a three-week cycle, with the first edition curated by Track Club.

The cycle commences with a livestreamed tag-team jam on the Endlesss Twitch between musicians invited by the resident curators. 

After the livestreamed jam ends, all the stems created during the jam are released publicly via the Endlesss app or download.

Participants have one week to create their own remixes of the material in the jam and submit them for voting. 

After submissions close, a three-day voting period begins.

Once the top remixes are selected, remixers are coached through a period of refinement before an official release on the Endlesss Traxxx label.


Track Club are a community of pioneering Endlesss users who create a new collaborative album every week. We've been tracking their progress since we heard about their project, and have been blown away by the quality and quantity of music they're creating. 

They inspired us to start Unfolding to share the love and give all our community a chance to work towards a full record release on our Endlesss Traxxx label. Check our recent blog post about Track Club to find out more.


The remix release for Unfolding #1 features five remixes from the producers whose submissions received the highest number of votes on the Endlesss Discord. These five producers - _the boundless_, Dead Kousin, de Velden, William Sharkey, and Foid – have different artistic backgrounds, but are united by their deep engagement with Endlesss. Their stylistically disparate contributions reflect the exciting sprawl of creators on the platform, running the gamut from meditative ambient to crackling and abrasive dance tunes, with plenty of personality to spare throughout.

Listen to Unfolding #1 - Track Club - Remixes


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