April 7th - 30th, 2021

Unfolding is a truly global collaborative cycle for active participants and curious spectators alike, reflecting the depth and breadth of musical creativity and community on Endlesss.

Unfolding #2 is curated by the Russian electronic artist Pixelord and kicks off on Wednesday, April 7th with a livestreamed, tag-team jam on the Endlesss Twitchfeaturing Pixelord and his hand-picked group of jammers.

Following this jam, all stems will be made available for Endlesss users to take apart, rebuild and remix as their own productions, which are then submitted to and voted on by the Endlesss Discord

Unfolding #2 culminates in an official release on the Endlesss Traxxx label on April 30th, 2021, featuring remixes from the producers whose submissions receive the highest number of votes. 

Join us on Discord to take part in this and future Unfolding cycles.

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The cycle commences with a livestreamed tag-team jam on the Endlesss Twitch between musicians invited by the resident curator. 

After the jam ends, all the stems are released publicly via the Endlesss app and download.

Participants have one week to create their own remixes of the material in the jam and submit them for voting. 

After submissions close, a three-day voting period begins.

Once the top remixes are selected, remixers are coached through a period of refinement before an official release on the Endlesss Traxxx label.


Alexey Devyanin, AKA Pixelord, is one of the most important artists in Russia’s contemporary electronic music scene. His music spans many genres, combining elements of futuristic bass, garage and grime with consistently dizzying and exciting results. For the last decade, he’s co-managed Hyperboloid Records alongside collaborators Sergey Saburov and Dmitry Garin, and has released on that label as well as others including Infinite Machine, Leisure System, Error Broadcast and many more.


The Live Jam for Unfolding #2 was broadcast live on the Endlesss Twitch channel Wednesday, April 7th at 20:00 CEST, featuring PixelordKoloahA.FruitDranqDead Kousin, and Starkey. Watch the full archived video below.

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