Unfolding is a collaborative release cycle by the Endlesss community, reflecting the depth and breadth of musical creativity on Endlesss.

You are invited to take part in Unfolding, a collaborative creative cycle where the Endlesss community comes together to create a release on our Endlesss Traxxx label. 

Unfolding begins with a livestreamed, tag-team jam featuring artists selected by the cycle curator, and culminates in the release of remixes of this jam material on Endlesss Traxxx, with the top four tracks chosen by vote on the Endlesss Discord. 

Whether you're an active participant or curious spectator, an experienced Endlesss user or complete newcomer, Unfolding is an opportunity to join in a truly global collaborative journey, from the very first notes of a jam through official release.

Find out more about different Unfolding cycles and details on each of the five stages in a cycle below, or hit the button to get involved on Discord.

To the Discord server!

Unfolding is a three-week cycle that happens every month on Endlesss.

The cycle begins with a livestreamed tag-team jam on the Endlesss Twitch by musicians invited by the cycle curator. 

After the livestream ends, all the stems created during the jam are released publicly via the Endlesss app or download.

Participants have one week to create their own remixes of the material in the jam and submit them for voting. 

After submissions close, a three-day voting period begins, with the four highest vote-getters chosen by the Endlesss Discord.

The top remixes are selected and coached through a period of refinement before an official release on Endlesss Traxxx.

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